Welcome, 2023. So glad you’re here!

Hello there, 2023; I’m so glad to see you! My name is Kacy, and I am stepping into you with open eyes (I’m so proud of myself for not having to write blindly,) and an ambitious heart.  I have hope for us, 2023;  you and I will do great things together, I know it; I have no doubt. 2023, do you know how beautiful it feels to not doubt myself or my purpose or my place in this world? Do you know how beautiful it feels to finally write words that stem from hope, not survival? 2023, it feels damn near euphoric. So, my dearest 2023, right here, on this page, for myself and for anyone else who cares to journey with us, I am setting my intentions for our year and for the many years to come:

This year we are free; free from all people and things that strive to take away our light and dull our brightest dreams. This year we live and we laugh and we love without consequence or hesitation. This year we do not walk on eggshells, we stomp valorously. This year we repair ourselves, and if we’ve broken others, we repair them as well. This year we take care of ourselves and take care of everyone we love; we do not fail ourselves or fail them because we are an absolute force. This year we thrive and find the joy and potential in every single day.  This year we learn and experience so much and our lives will never be the same.

2023, I just met you, but I know I’m going to love you; crazy right? 2023, walk along with me. 

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