New friends : )

Hello, loves. Let’s talk about new friends! You know that feeling when you meet another person, and they just completely match your vibe… I’ve received so many gifts in the form of human capital lately and I have to acknowledge this is a major blessing.

Some people just simply light up your life; others blow out your flame. We have no space for candle-blower-outers in this space because you and I are laser-focused on life’s gifts.

So, more on my new friend… Let me preface this by saying that I’ve known this phenom of a woman for, like, a very short amount of time; very short. Anyhow, we were having an entirely random conversation, which I was fully enjoying; the type of conversation where you are literally DYING from laughter… sound effects, impressions, reenactments; the whole nine yards!

All of a sudden, the tone shifted. All of a sudden the conversation got very real and very deep. She started to share a VERY personal moment with me… I am always genuinely honored to be gifted another human’s raw and unfiltered authenticity. She started to tear up and then apologized, saying, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t know this reaction was going to happen. I have this one friend who tells me ‘This is the stuff you keep to yourself!’” She tried shifting away from that moment, and my response was basically, “Hell no!”

Loves!!! We have got to stop holding it all in; we have got to normalize that lives get crazy and messy and that it is OK to not always be OK. Her ability to be vulnerable allowed be to be vulnerable and for a minute, we were vulnerable messes together and it felt so GOOD!

We had our moment, which we honestly both needed, and then we were straight back to our banter; It was so perfect! That moment of genuine connection was priceless. We are human and we NEED connection. Pay close attention and seek out opportunities to connect with other humans. Some people will only be “surface” connections, others will be “deep.” We can appreciate our “surface” connections, but we need the “deep” ones AND don’t forget to be a “deep” one for someone else : ) Love you and stay blessed!

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